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SCM Plus consultants

1410, Leprohon St. suite #1

Montréal (Québec) H4E 1N9

Tél. : [514] 946-3631


CLIENT: Dubo Electric


WEBSITE: www.dubo.qc.ca

Dubo Electric distributes electrical supplies for industrial, commercial and residential customers. SCM Plus Consultants developed a distribution center design, material handling system and business processes to support Dubo’s supply chain activities in the greater Montreal area.

The business required quick response distribution systems that supported bulk and single unit transfers to branches, with the flexibility to respond to “call for” orders (30% of all orders) in less then ten minutes. The distribution center physical configuration was key in ensuring that quick response ability would be a built-in feature of the new DC.

Traditional DC configuration rules of thumb had to be set aside. All four zones had to have direct access to the shipping and receiving docks in spite of the overall real estate limitations. A unconventional and dynamic approach to SKU profiling and order management was used to enhances the high speed capabilities of the new distribution center.

Implementation management services included the training of Dubo managers, supervisors and floor operators.