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SCM Plus consultants

1410, Leprohon St. suite #1

Montréal (Québec) H4E 1N9

Tél. : [514] 946-3631


SCM Plus Consultants:
The professionals who have come together to form SCM Plus Consultants represent an impressive range of experience: both Strategic and practical, which you can leverage for the improvement of your company's material handling and supply chain execution systems.

We add value to your project by providing working knowledge and practical experience that goes beyond the traditional "engineering focused" and/or theoretical consulting approach.

Our personnel have the technical skills and "tool kit" to provide you with sound, state-of-the-practice solutions and the management experience to assist you in making the strategic and operating decisions which are aligned with your business objectives and culture. Companies that have benefited from SCM Plus partners’ services include:

Since the forming of:
SCM Plus Consultants

Dubo Electric
SPI Security
Ralik Packaging

Prior to the forming of:
SCM Plus Consultants

• Pharmascience – Montréal
• Emco – Montréal, Mississauga, Moncton, Edmonton & Richmond
• CCTF – Edmonton
• McCain – Florenceville
• Bombardier Aéronautique – Montréal
• Sodisco Howden – London Ontario
• Roundy’s – Milwaukee
• Bouclair – Montréal
• Montréal Chemical Logistics – Montréal
• Merck Frosst – Montréal
• Abbott Laboratories – Montréal