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SCM Plus Consultants is an independent and full service logistics systems consulting firm. The services we provide include:

• Logistics Strategy Development and Master Planning

• Plant, Warehouse and Distribution Center Layout

• Material Handling System Design and Implementation

• Information and Control System Design and Implementation

• Operating System and Organization Design

• Training Program and Operational Assistance



SCM Plus consultants are committed to a requirements driven approach to system design and implementation, clear understanding of the business requirements...strategic, customer service, financial, growth, supplier, cultural, etc. is the prerequisite for success. This approach provides:

• Boundaries for the logistics system design.
• Focus of creativity on meaningful alternatives.
• Definition of design and success criteria.
• Elimination of late in the game surprises.
• Significant reduction of rework.

• Management Strategy and Planning
• Data Collection and Analysis
• Requirements Definition and Design Criteria
• Alternatives Development
• Network Modeling and Process Simulation
• Economic and Operations Evaluation
• Conceptual Design and Functional Requirements
• Report and Presentation to Management

• Building, System, and Equipment Layouts
• Material Handling Equipment Specifications
• Warehouse Management Systems Specifications
• Operations and Staffing Plan
• Material Handling and WMS Installation Plan
• Final Cost Estimate
• Report and Presentation to Management

• Material handling and WMS Supplier Qualification
• Bid Reviews and Supplier Selection
• Supplier Monitoring and Pre-installation Testing
• Operating Procedures
• Education and Training Program
• Profiling
• Material Handling and WMS Installation
• System Integration Testing
• Commissioning and Turnover